Saturday, February 21, 2009

My life as of now

I must say, my life since August has been a whirlwind. That picture above basically describes my life :-) Sleep deprived and living on 3-4 cups of coffee on a daily basis. Although my life is busy and full of late nights and early mornings, I can see the light at the end of the crazy tunnel. In May 2010, I will have officially completed all my courses for my Bachelor of Arts in Education with an endorsement in Reading. I'll student teach that Fall (2010) and finally be able to teach on my own by January 2011.

I'm in a first grade classroom this semester for my practicum. I spend 3 hours each week there and I must say that I absolutely love the age group. Yes the cough, sneeze, and wipe their boogers constantly but they have an enthusiasm for school and learning that completely captivates me. Not to mention, they say the funniest things! I was asked if I was 14 haha Apparently, that's old to a 6 year old! Below I have posted some pictures of me with my first grade practicum students during their Valentine party... They were all on a sugar buzz!


JT said...

wow that first picture takes me back to college days in the dorm... late nights and early mornings :0) I use to hide away in the library for a quick nap between classes... wish there was a library to nap in now a days :)))

Love the class pictures. You look picture perfect with those two adorable girls.


Strider said...

That was a great post.....but the kids!!!! It must be a calling! I would enjoy teaching college instead! Keep up the good work.

Hannah said...

What an amazing teacher you will be! Love you Tiff :)

Mom T. said...

Oh Tiffany, nice pictures, but I love the passion in your heart to teach the children. Truly this was placed there by the Lord. You will be great. MOM