Monday, October 15, 2007

Moments Captured

Probably one of my favorite pass times is photography. I'm definately not a professional but I took 2 years of photo while I was in highschool and loved it! So it's become a hobby of mine over the years. My favorite kind of photography involves capturing kids in their natural environment, it's amazing the pictures you can get when they are going about their daily routines.

Well on Saturday, the people I've been babysitting for since I was 14 (so coming up on about 6 years, yikes lol) asked me to take some pictures of their kids. I want to share some of the pictures I took yesturday (the 14th) at Leslie Grove Park of Ellie (almost 6) and David (4).

Monday, October 1, 2007

Life is a Highway

So this weekend I took my very first road trip. Now, by this I mean, I drove alone to a far away land to spend my time the way I wanted to :-) I got the chance to visit Valerie in Cheney at her new apartment. It was a blast and of course, I forgot my camera!!
But as I leave for Cheney Saturday morning with my mapquest directions in hand, I'm totally excited. I truly felt like a "big girl". I was going on a trip without my parents and I was stoked! The whole way up I had this huge smile plastered on my face because it felt good to have my parents trust me enough to drive a couple hours from home. Having your parents approval is definitely an awesome thing at my age of 19 (almost 20 in a couple months. AHHH)
When I got there, Valerie and I drove to Spokane where we would have lunch at Olive Garden and go shopping. We came back to her apartment that evening, ordered pizza, and watched "While You Were Sleeping." I was so much fun to have "Girl Time" and be able to relax. Since I forgot my camera but had my laptop we took a few pictures and messed around with the settings on the photo...

My mapquest directions were great and I was able to drive there and back with zero complications. I listened to nothing but the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack (which is GREAT by the way). And had an overall FANTASTIC weekend :-)